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There is so much to say about these young students who have the drive and passion to join the opening year of the Sowa Rigpa College in Kathmandu.

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Many of our students belong to remote Himalayan communities in Nepal – from far reaches of the country such as Mustang or Dolpo, where only by a journey on horseback for 7 days will you reach their homes.  Many of these areas have very little access to any kind of health care, and the establishment of this college will help to open a pathway for Sowa Rigpa clinics and doctors to serve the local populations.

Others are Tibetan refugees that have worked hard to attain a new life in a new world, often separated from their families for many years.

They all have various stories, and backgrounds, but despite their hardships and challenges, one thing is common among them all, they’ve come a very long way (literally) to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor.

There was no hesitation for these students when they heard of this opportunity to study Sowa Rigpa in the heart of Kathmandu. They knew this was their chance of a lifetime. Though many of them do not come from financially stable conditions, this did not stand in their way.  This emulates their unstoppable zest for learning and their knowing that to study this science of medicine would allow them to fulfill the altruistic intention to be of benefit to many others in their lives.

They are dedicated, open hearted, and intelligent, fitting representations of the future of the Science of Healing in Nepal.  They are dedicated in striving to complete their education and fulfill their potential to become doctors.

Please join us in helping to uplift these students, participate in the revitalization of Nepal, and support this precious living tradition of the Science of Healing to flourish in Nepal and throughout the world.

Please help us support the students :

Full Sponsorship (100%) : $2750 per year / $230 per month
Partial Sponsorship (75%) : $2062.50 per year / $172 per month
Half Sponsorship (50%) : $1375 per year / $115 per month
Application fee: $160 (one time, first year only)
(Prices in US dollars)

All students selected for scholarships are in genuine financial need, and will maintain excellent academic standing.  They have also pledged to give back, and will donate their first years of practice in community service, providing medical care in Sowa Rigpa clinics in underserved areas of Nepal.

Meet our Scholarship Recipients

These are the students who need support to continue their studies at the College.
Click on their photos to learn more about them in their own words.
Read their personal letters, hear their aspirations, understand their situations.
We encourage you to consider them as beneficiaries of your generosity.

Tenzin Dasang

“Applying in this college represents to me an opportunity to fully focus my attention on the main objective of achieving the best I can do in my life for my country and for my family.”

Tsekyi Wangmo Gurung

“I am facing the main problem of my further education. Actually, I have too much desire to do my further education but due to the economy and family background I am unable to continue my study…”

Thinlay Wangmo

“I want to further my studies in your college.  Due to my poor family, I am unable to afford the fees. So, kindly help me in this project so that I may continue my studies….  I will put my best efforts.”

Richoe Lhamo

“I have very interest in studying Sorig Medicine. But due to my family’s financial problem it is hard from me to pursue my dream. Therefore, I really need help from you…”

Radhika Thapa

“I am energetic and hardworking person….I have childhood dream and destination to become successful doctor. So I would be lucky if I get a chance to study Bachelor level of Sorig Medicine.”

Pemba Dolma Lama

“I am from the village of Sindhupalchowk District,… one of the worst affected districts as a result of the earthquake…. The earthquake damaged entire houses, including mine… I’m a student struggling to build up the career with the motivation for helping others.”

Pema Lhamo

“I have seven members in my family including myself…from the most disadvantaged district in Nepal.  I would be grateful to you if you could assist me with my education fees with lots of love, and I hope you will be positive with me.”

Lobsang Gyaltsen

“I escaped to India in 2009….I  studied Tibetan and English till 2015. I really worked hard… Now, I really feel that I am very lucky to be a part of Sowa Rigpa International College…. Doctor is what I dreamed to be since my childhood.”

Jenden Lhamo Gurung

“My parents are small farmers and I have 8 brothers and sisters… I am the eldest. They do not have the potential to support me financially. I request you to kindly consider my situation…”

Dolma Tsering Gurung

“I’ve very much interest to study Sowa Rigpa (to be doctor) and for my further studies in this facilities I need some kind help.”

Lobsang Choedon

“Kindly support me. … I will work with my full ability and will prove to be an asset for the organization. “

Thank you to all of you for your support. Share this information with others who may be able to help so the current of support will reach far and wide.

The merit shared will be seen in these young adults rising from their current conditions to fulfill their dreams, and to serve all beings with the heart of this medicine.

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